Showing TFS SSRS Reports in Chrome and Safari

When I first started working with TFS, I discovered early on that the SSRS reports generated would not display well in any browser other than Internet Explorer. It always had something to do with the way the browsers rendered the frames (or something like that). So the common response to customers were: if you want to view SSRS reports, you need to use IE.

A couple of years ago, I noticed that FireFox started rendering the reports correctly so I stopped having the conversation about “why can’t I view my SSRS with a browser other than IE?” until today.

I got a customer upgraded from their older TFS environment to a shiny new TFS 2013 environment. In the midst of the validation process and mentoring, I got an email telling me that their reports are blank. I tried several different reports on several different projects. Of course it works on my machine. So they finally send me a screenshot and I notice that they’re using Chrome. Before sending my typical response of “Please use IE or FF”, I did a cursory look to see if anyone ever came up with a solution on how to view SSRS reports in Chrome and voila! I got a hit!

Raymund Macaalay wrote a great article that not only explains the problem why the problem exists but also offers a solution to resolve the problem. Check out his posting on Show SSRS Reports properly in Chrome and Safari. Essentially the overflow style needs to be changed from auto to visible within ReportingServices.js file.

I used the technique with my customer and they’re very happy I did. Now they can stay in the browser of their choice and see the reports they want to see.

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